Over the years, mobile homes have grown in popularity. Not just because they’re an affordable option, but because of the increased quality mobile homes have continued to show. Mobile homes are no longer associated with being ‘poor’ or less off than others. Instead, they have slowly began to emerge as a new, trendy and affordable option.

Those who are not in the market for a mobile home may tend to listen to ‘negative stereotypes’ that mobile homes have. Many stereotypes which are not true. So today, we wanted to kill the rumors and provide you all facts about mobile homes and their capabilities.

Rumor #1: Only poor people live in mobile homes

It is this negative mental roadblock that keeps so many people from purchasing a mobile home. You should not mistake someone paying a lower mortgage payment as being poor. New mobile homes can cost between $18,000 to over $130,000 for a large basic model, not including the land the home will sit atop.

Being completely honest here, although newer mobile homes may look ultra nice, sleek and modern. Older models and parks that have fallen behind on maintenance may tend to look more of ‘trailer trash’ than others. It’s important to really do your research and take your time when searching for a mobile home, so that you don’t jump into a commitment in which you are not ready for.

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Rumor #2: Mobile Homes are highly susceptible to damage

Manufactured homes are NOT more vulnerable to storm or fire damage than traditional site-built homes. Manufactured homes sold after 1994 are built to the same Housing and Urban Development standards for construction, strength, fire resistance and wind resistance that are applied to site-built homes. A report published by the state of Florida indicates that no manufactured home built to these standards received any major damage during the severe 2004-2005 hurricane season. Additionally, a study published by Foremost Insurance Company found that manufactured homes are less likely to catch fire than site-built homes.

Although you must be extremely careful when building new functionality into your mobile home, this doesn’t mean that you are living in something that is frail and unmanageable. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here, as we plan to release more videos on how to create updates for your mobile home.

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Rumor #3: Mobile homes have no variety

While many manufactured homes are similar in shape and size, the same could be said of traditional ranch-style houses and cookie-cutter homes common in many new subdivisions. Manufactured homes provide consumers with a wide range of interior and exterior options. Some manufacturers even produce luxury models with hardwood floors, whirlpool baths, stonework fireplaces and walk-in closets.

In general, mobile homes are a much better option if you are looking for low-cost living. Unfortunately, because of the above stigmas that mobile homes have been associated with, people become prideful in reaching out to purchase a mobile home. Instead, they would rather live beyond their means

With that being said, we hope that you come out and see our variety of mobile homes! If you click on one of the links below, you can see the mobile homes that we have listed on our website.  


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