FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Do I have to qualify if I’m paying cash for the home?

ANSWER: You do not need to qualify for a loan but you must be qualified by the park in order to purchase within their community. Refer to the MH Parks tab at the top of the page for park requirements and applications.

Q: What is included in the Lot Rent?

ANSWER: Each park includes different amenities. Please call their office for more information on Lot Rent.

 All Age Communities

The Meadows Florida Park (TMF)

(561) 626-0888

Palm Beach Colony Park (PBC)

(561) 686-1178

Lake Worth Village Park (LWV)

(561) 641-0884

Palm Beach Plantation Park (PBP)

(561) 967-1661


55+ Communities

Lago Palma Park (LPM)

(888) 705-7008

Palm Breezes Park (PBZ)

(561) 433-8223

Mara Lago  Cay Park

(561) 967-2626


Q: What is the Rent-to-Own Process?


  • Submit a Free Online Application or Property Showing Request via our website
  • Submit full application if haven’t already.  Even if you haven’t found the right home yet, you can still get your application going so you’ll be ready to go when you do decide on a home.
  • Complete and submit all items in our “Next Step” email (don’t worry, it’s not that much!).
  • Need Credit Repair? We know it can be overwhelming to decide which company to go with that’s affordable AND legitimate. We’ve done our research and refer our clients to Clean Slate Credit Services. Their initial consult is FREE! and most times we can get your credit repair expense counted as part of your option down payment!
  • Get Owner’s approval.
  • Visit the home or homes you are interested in to decide whether or not it is for YOU!
  • Submit funds in escrow if haven’t already  (full down payment and first full month’s rent will be due prior to move-in and can be submitted at any point during this process).
  • Sign contracts.
  • Meet the owner for property walk-thru, get the keys and move in!
  • Let us know if you need Mobile Home Loan companies referrals!  We are not a lending institution and it will be your mortgage broker who will help you get your home loan when you’re ready to exercise your option.

 Q: What is the average option down payment required?

ANSWER: Every Owner is different and every home is different.  

Typically somewhere between 30% to 50% of the purchase price is what the owner is looking for as an option down payment (sometimes referred to as an “option fee” or “down payment”).  We have found that the higher the option down payment (especially if it’s MORE than the minimum), the more flexible our owners can typically be on the terms.  Your are going to need these funds anyway in order to exercise your option, so the owner is simply requiring that this be taken care of up front.  Plus it’s easier and quicker to get qualified for a loan as 100% of your option down payment goes towards the contract price when you are ready to exercise your option.

In order to be competitive with other applicants, we encourage you to save up at least 30% of the Purchase price (plus first full month’s rent).  Again, it’s not that the owner won’t work with you for less.   It’s just likely though that there are other applicants who are at least offering those amounts.

Q: Am I financially responsible for repairs during the Rent to Own period?

ANSWER: We deliver the Homes passing a “4 Point inspection” to get the Home Insured before you move in.  After that, you as the Tenant Owner are responsible for any future repairs.

Q: Can I have the house inspected by someone before making a decision?

ANSWER: Absolutely.  You are welcome to complete your own inspection for your own information’s sake. Just let us know when you’d like to conduct the inspection and we’ll make sure the home is accessible.

 Q: Is it okay to run my business out of the house?

ANSWER: Generally…yes, but it is a case by case basis taking into consideration the Park Rules and Regulations.

 Q: When I’m ready to exercise my option on the home, what will my closing costs be?

ANSWER: The best resource to get the most accurate estimate on your closing costs will be from your Mobile Home Lender.  Typically in South Florida it is:

  • 6% Sales Tax of the Purchase Price  
  • $225 for Tag and Title Expenses
  • $490 Closing Processing Fee.
  • $1,000 – $1,400 Property Insurance Expense (Paid in full or in payments)

We can not be certain what the loan fees will be, as they are dependent on the lender used. However, it is possible to negotiate these fees down.  Be sure to ask if the owner has a closing company that will offer a discount on the transaction.

Please email us anytime if you have any additional questions! We are look forward to finding you the perfect home!!!