Plumbing in Mobile Homes

Plumbing in manufactured homes is a great DIY project. The home plumbing system is more simplified in mobile homes, which helps when it comes to getting down to business.

The connection of the main water supply usually lies under the edge of the home, near your outdoor hose bib. The supply lines are usually found near the middle of the home or on the one side of the home that depends on the layout of the water system of your home. Plumbing pipes are placed within the walls of a manufactured home but these are straight through the floor.

How to Turn Your Water Off?

You should be knowledgeable as to where the pipes are located in your home so you may be able to turn your water off in case of emergency. If you’re able to shut the water of your home quick as you can, it will save you from disaster and any other inconvenience. Therefore, the main stop valve should be outside of your connection so that you may get easy and quick access. 

Plumbing System

Supply Lines

Supply lines are the smaller water pipes (3/8-1 inch) that are working into the home. If your home has white, cream or a medium grey pipe for your water supply, you should replace them as most local regulations don’t recommend them and some have banned them altogether. There are also some drain pipes that are made from copper or PVC. To assure quality, you should get the grade right on drainage pipes because too much grade may cause as much issue as too little. A 1/4 to 1/2 grade per every foot is ideal for the supply of water in your home.

Ventilation Pipes

Ventilation pipes ventilate and help to keep the proper pressure or vacuum throughout the plumbing in your home. This means that it keeps water in all the right places equally.  It’s also very important for the supply and drain lines, but you should exercise proper ventilation to assure proper results. Plumbing systems require air and water to give the best results. You should keep in mind that a single ventilation pipe can’t give you the demanded results, but you must use a dry vent. These vents are very helpful for the air flow into the drains.

Poly-butylenes Pipe

Poly-butylenes were considered helpful in this regard so it’s used in all types of homes, including manufactured homes built from 1970’s to 1990s. These pipe is user-friendly, as it can be broken down in case of bleach in your water or leaks. This type of pipe is still used in most of the houses despite having what is deemed as ‘low-quality’ material. If you are using this type of pipe for drainage in your mobile home, be sure to replace when needed.


PVC is a plastic plumbing pipe that’s primarily used to transport high pressured water to the demanded area. You can get it in several sizes of your needs. It’s used to handle the cold water because the hot water will make it lose. It can be purchased in white or grey. 



PEX is also very helpful in this regard because it works as cross-linked polyethylene pipe that’s first manufactured in the 1920s, but has become more popular in recent years because of its high quality. It’s the same outer diameter to shape as copper does. It has a little edge over PVC pipes because it can be used for both the hot and cold water.  

How to keep Pipes together?

It’s very necessary to keep the pipes in order to connect each other in a proper way. Here are the four simple ways to keep your pipes from freezing and avoid damage.

1.  Keep Your Heat On

Heating bills can get ridiculous but the most surefire way to keep the pipes from freezing is to make thermostat running by keeping your house nice and warm. The problem occurs when most people drop their thermostat way down to avoid a big bill.

2.  Let Faucets Drip

You should turn your faucets on just enough to dribble a little water out. Opening faucets will relieve pressure to get rid of pipe bursting. The water will run easily from your pipes all the times.  

3.  Keep Pipes Exposed

You should have cabinet doors in your kitchen and bathroom open that make it simple to keep pipes warm. It will help in transportation of warm air to get easy access to the pipes and to make the flow of water easier.

When water freezes, it expands, which puts a lot of stress on pipes, causing bulging, cracking and leaking. It can cause serious water damage particularly when the pipes are hidden behind the walls. You should make the flow of water in the pipes faster and easier to save yourself from the disturbance of shortage of water.




Over the years, mobile homes have grown in popularity. Not just because they’re an affordable option, but because of the increased quality mobile homes have continued to show. Mobile homes are no longer associated with being ‘poor’ or less off than others. Instead, they have slowly began to emerge as a new, trendy and affordable option.

Those who are not in the market for a mobile home may tend to listen to ‘negative stereotypes’ that mobile homes have. Many stereotypes which are not true. So today, we wanted to kill the rumors and provide you all facts about mobile homes and their capabilities.

Rumor #1: Only poor people live in mobile homes

It is this negative mental roadblock that keeps so many people from purchasing a mobile home. You should not mistake someone paying a lower mortgage payment as being poor. New mobile homes can cost between $18,000 to over $130,000 for a large basic model, not including the land the home will sit atop.

Being completely honest here, although newer mobile homes may look ultra nice, sleek and modern. Older models and parks that have fallen behind on maintenance may tend to look more of ‘trailer trash’ than others. It’s important to really do your research and take your time when searching for a mobile home, so that you don’t jump into a commitment in which you are not ready for.

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Rumor #2: Mobile Homes are highly susceptible to damage

Manufactured homes are NOT more vulnerable to storm or fire damage than traditional site-built homes. Manufactured homes sold after 1994 are built to the same Housing and Urban Development standards for construction, strength, fire resistance and wind resistance that are applied to site-built homes. A report published by the state of Florida indicates that no manufactured home built to these standards received any major damage during the severe 2004-2005 hurricane season. Additionally, a study published by Foremost Insurance Company found that manufactured homes are less likely to catch fire than site-built homes.

Although you must be extremely careful when building new functionality into your mobile home, this doesn’t mean that you are living in something that is frail and unmanageable. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here, as we plan to release more videos on how to create updates for your mobile home.

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Rumor #3: Mobile homes have no variety

While many manufactured homes are similar in shape and size, the same could be said of traditional ranch-style houses and cookie-cutter homes common in many new subdivisions. Manufactured homes provide consumers with a wide range of interior and exterior options. Some manufacturers even produce luxury models with hardwood floors, whirlpool baths, stonework fireplaces and walk-in closets.

In general, mobile homes are a much better option if you are looking for low-cost living. Unfortunately, because of the above stigmas that mobile homes have been associated with, people become prideful in reaching out to purchase a mobile home. Instead, they would rather live beyond their means

With that being said, we hope that you come out and see our variety of mobile homes! If you click on one of the links below, you can see the mobile homes that we have listed on our website.  



How to Decorate your Mobile Home Living Room

Want to make your mobile home more attractive? Start by decorating the biggest part of your mobile home: The Living Room! The home has a This way, your home will have a great combination of style and beauty to create a modern and beautiful look. It’s not as hard as you may think to adopt the best features that are really helpful in making your mobile home more glamorous and worth seeing.

Great Decorating Ideas for Mobile Homes

· Light wall color is the best choice throughout the entire home to open the space up and create the cohesiveness to give you an attractive look.
· Your furniture should work for double-time with multipurpose pieces, Utilize stools as tables, benches with storage, etc.
· To make your ceiling look taller, use a high-gloss white.
· You should use the vertical space in your home. For example, stack your washer and dryer to take up a lot less room than side-by-side appliances. Bookshelves also have the ability to make a beautiful display area on the walls.
· Use Pattern and Texture to get an extra look because many designers have stated that patterns and textures work wonders to enhance the beauty of your home.
· There should be moderately scaled furniture because the scale can make or break a room. The furniture should be of the moderate size so don’t buy furniture that is too big or too small, but there must be one or two large pieces that are functional.
· You should keep your worthy furniture off the walls. Your walls and furniture will be safe and it should be arranged according to the sitting arrangement.
· Keep in mind that this is YOUR home, so follow the rules according to your needs and requirements.

Trim for Interior Look

Trim is an outstanding way to give the interior an eye-catching look. But you should take smart steps, because some designers suggest that you should paint your crown molding the same color as your walls in low-ceiling rooms and other designers say that you should paint a 2-3″ band around the top of your wall the same color as your ceiling to help make it seem higher. But my suggestion in this regard is that the color should be your own choice.
Ceiling color: Your ceiling color should be lighter than the walls, preferably white or a light tan. High-gloss paint is also the best choice because it reflects light and makes the ceiling look somehow less fixed and static. So the best is to paint the first two or three inches of ceiling around the perimeter the same color as the walls to give the illusion of taller, higher walls.
Crown Molding and Trim: here is also the suggestion of some designers that crown molding and trim at the top of the walls should be painted in the same color but the contrasting trim is the best option.

Small Room Doesn’t Mean Smaller Furniture

The very first thing that many people think when designing a smaller room is to scale down the furniture to fit the room to make it more beautiful and attractive. That doesn’t mean that the room should be overcrowded with oversized furniture, but you can use one or two larger pieces of furniture in the mix of the design. In fact, this design approach is acceptable to the smaller scale design. The mix of larger furniture in a smaller space will create an interesting and a dramatic décor and it will give you an outstanding look. Most people focus on the furniture to fit the room to break up the space and create an interesting design. Wall surface is the largest surface area of any room so you should pay extra attention to use the space as a design tool.

Don’t be Afraid of Paint

There are many people who shy away from color whenever designing a small room. But it’s complementary fashion to mix and match the color so you can’t go wrong with the paint and its importance. It’s a good idea to mix neutrals with bold colors or choose different shades of the same color to get more attraction and interesting look. If you’re satisfied with the existing color scheme, then you should apply a fresh coat of paint that will be sufficient to breathe life into your faded walls.

Color is the Way of Changing Space and Look

Colors have a trick of changing space of your dear home. Dark colors in even larger spaces give you a narrow look due to some effects of darkness while lighter shades will appear to enlarge the same area. In the mobile home, lighter colors are used to make the area feel larger. You can also use the different hues to face the different climates as your mobile unit is in the temperature zone. It’s the best option to use cold and rusty shades. Warm colors can also be used if the mobile unit is in cooler climates.

Ideas for Choosing Furniture For Your Living Room

It’s the best idea to choose round tables in small rooms. They work great for dining, coffee and for end tables. Ottomans work great as coffee tables because these can be used for seating also.
You should keep symmetry, flow, contrast, and balance in mind. You need at least 18 inches to walk comfortably so don’t put all your furniture on one wall.
Don’t follow too many rules! Yes, read up and learn from designers but it’s YOUR home and you have to make its attraction more reliable and admirable. You’ve to do what you want to do with it. You’ve to make the smart decisions about How to decorate your Mobile Home Living Room after all, it’s your home to live forever.


Installing Kitchen Cabinets Into Your Mobile Home

.Installing kitchen cabinets into your mobile home may sound like a daunting task. But it’s not as bad as you may think! In this article, we’ll explain exactly what you need to know to successfully install kitchen cabinets into your home.

When you wish of installing kitchen cabinets into your mobile home, it’s necessary for them to tightly anchor to your wall studs. Solid wall anchors give you the adequate support for the load of the cabinet. If in the case when your cabinets do not sit flush on your wall, the door will not stay closed. You should mark each cabinet before installing them in your mobile home to get prevention from installing your cabinets in the wrong direction.
To prevent damage during installation, it’s best to remove all doors from your cabinets. You can mark each door with tape and a pen. This will make the life of your doors longer and prevents them from being damaged during installation.

Here are some of the steps to be followed to successfully install new cabinets in your mobile home.


There must be proper planning before purchasing new cabinets for your kitchen. First, you should measure the space that’s available, while also knowing the number of cabinets that you will need. You will need to measure the width of the space and see how this will affect your kitchen space.

Demolish in Stages

Demolishing in stages will make the process quite easier. Be sure to wear a dust mask and safety goggles because this process may get messy! You also have to remove all the doors and drawers, and then start to remove the lower cabinets if you’ve any. At the end you should remove all the upper cabinets.

Measure Up

Once all of the walls are bare, you can begin the installation process. First, you should begin measurements for your new mobile home cabinets. You can do so by using a tape measure and you can also mark the location where the cabinets will be placed. You should check the measurements twice to verify just in case you run into any problems.

Mounting Upper Cabinets

The upper cabinet will be installed first. The upper cabinets in your mobile home should be secured onto studs. It will be helpful and prevent them from falling once they begin to fill with dishes. You should use a carpenter’s level to make sure they are straight and use clamps to fix them in place.

Mounting Lower Cabinets

After installing all of the upper cabinets, you should now begin installing the lower cabinets. Here, you will follow the same steps. You should use shims to make everything level. When installing long cabinets, be extra careful as there are many ceilings and floors that are not parallel.

Structural Considerations

To install kitchen cabinets into your mobile home, you should have the proper structure and idea of the entire process. Your particular remodeling needs will be determined by the structure of your mobile home. As you know, in mobile homes, structural support is not the same as a house built into the ground.

Keeping the Floors and Walls Intact

Make sure that the addition of kitchen cabinets will not affect flooring or walls and weaken them while renovating your mobile home. If any openings are found in the walls, be sure to repair them and fill. This is for safety and also, appearance of your mobile home.

Overall, installing kitchen cabinets into your mobile home is not hard, but tedious. We hope these tips were helpful in providing you enough information to remodel your kitchen!

Here is a video of us installing kitchen cabinets into one of our mobile homes. Enjoy!



How to Spruce Up Your Mobile Home For The New Year

Happy New Year! This year, we wanted to try something new on Mobile Home Way and introduce our blog! We’ll be providing tips on how to upgrade your mobile home, getting approved for financing and more. We’re sure you are looking to do a lot of new things for the new year. If sprucing up your mobile home is one of them, keep on reading. We’ve compiled a list of five different ways you can update your mobile home for a low cost.

Paint The Walls

Nothing changes the look of a room faster than a gallon of paint. Just changing the color of one, or a few rooms in your mobile home can make all the difference! Want to create a calming and cool feeling? Paint the walls blue. Want your room(s) to represent happiness, optimism, inspiration and summer? Paint them yellow! Prosperity and wealth? Gray and silver. And the list goes on and on. There’s so many different things you can do to completely change the look of your home with just a bucket of paint.

Use Wallpaper

Don’t care so much for paint? Wallpaper is another tool you can use to automatically change the look of your room. It is relatively inexpensive and works great. Just be sure to use something that reflects exactly who you are. A lot of times, people can look at wallpaper as a cheap alternative, but the right wallpaper can truly add a luxurious feel to your mobile home.

Creative Storage

Not exactly sure what to do with a few randomly placed items in your bathroom, kitchen or living room? Creative storage is the answer to not only de-clutter your mobile home, but to add a unique twist to the way your home looks. Simply decluttering your home can make all the difference! Even taking a look at what you can do on the outside of your home, such as pressure cleaning the roof can make all the difference!

Upgrade Your Kitchen

You can update your kitchen in an inexpensive way using paint or hardware. Even if you paint your old counter tops, this can make a world of difference in upgrading how things look. First, decide what it is that you want changed or updated and get to work! There’s so many different things that you can do with a small budget to make a HUGE impact.

Remove Walls

The upside to having a mobile home is that walls aren’t as heavy, and removing walls to gain extra space is a relatively easy task. Removing a wall can really open up the space and give you more room for variety in your floor plan. Decide which wall you would like to remove and get to work! Be sure that this is approved and that you’re working with the right materials, or hire someone who does.

It’s important to stay patient through this process. Remember that remodeling, no matter how big or small, takes time. Be sure to start with a detailed plan and set a realistic budget. Let us know in the comments what you want to do to spruce up your mobile home, or troubles you’re having that you want to change to update your home. We would love to hear!