3 Key Reasons To Buy A Mobile Home

For most of us, we want to make sure we are making the right decision, especially when it comes to putting down a lot of money on a large investment like a home. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to purchase a mobile home.

1. Affordability

This is probably the #1 reason why most decide to buy a mobile home vs a traditional home. As far as costs goes the price difference is staggering! You can walk away with a brand-new mobile home paying 1/5 the cost of a traditional stick-built home. On average a new mobile home will cost you around $35 per square foot where as a new stick-built home will cost around $200 per square foot. There is a reason why a mobile home is less expensive than site-built homes, and it isn’t because they are somehow inferior in quality, new mobile homes have to meet HUD standards also Mobile homes are priced lowered because they cost less to build.


2. Better than an apartment

In an apartment, you have very little breathing room and thin walls between you and your neighbors around, below, and above you and you’re paying just as much for rent (if not more) than you would for a mobile home, but with a Mobile home, you get some space between you and the rest of the world. You get a yard for you, your family, or pets to stretch their legs.



3. They hold value just like other homes

Obviously, Market conditions play a big role in homes values. However, Manufactured homes typically hold their values the same way traditionally constructed homes do. This means that when home values increase in a specific region, they increase for mobile homes as well, because modern manufactured homes are sturdily constructed, Have great curb appeal, and last, as long as other recently constructed site-built homes. this means they hold their value over time like any other home type.

Things to Know About Mobile Homes : Get You’re Green Thumb Ready



Winter is coming! But relax……..It’s Florida. South Florida winters are very moderate with the average temperature ranging from 55 degrees to 75. This provides the perfect weather for planting. Our recommendations for exercising your green thumb and sprucing up your Mobile Home this winter are Calendulas and Pansies.


It may be sweater weather but the warmth that you’ll receive from Calendulas can put a smile on anyone’s face. These lovely flowers grow in hues of oranges and yellows, and can instantly brighten up any garden. Calendulas are ideal because they start growing instantly and continue to reseed itself for multiple uses.


Here are some tips to start growing today:

  • Plant in a semi-shade to full sun area
  • Grows well in any kind of soil
  • Water frequently, especially during germination period
  • Don’t allow the soil to dry out!

    Potted Calendulas



Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t be a Pansy?” Well these flowers often get a bad reputation, but are really sturdy. Pansies come in wide shades of yellows orange, purples, violet, reds, and white. They prefer the cooler weather of Fall and Winter and do great in growing indoors.


Here are Tips to start growing today:

  • Plant in a semi-shade to full sun area
  • Seeds take a little longer to germinate but grow very easy from Pansy Plug Plants
  • Grows in well-drained soil, high in organic matter
  • Likes medium amount of dampness



Pansy Plug Plant 



                                                                                                    Variations of Pansies                                                                                               

Things to Know About Mobile Homes : Check the Flooring


 With any big purchase it’s important to do your research. If you don’t, the consequences can cost a pretty penny. In this article we will talk about Mobile Home flooring.


What’s it made out of?

What to look for when examining it?

How to make sure the flooring is sturdy?


The flooring of a mobile home is made of several different components such as: wood board frames (floor trusses), installation filling, and a sub floor (made from plywood, particleboard, or oriented strand board). After, carpet, tile, or vinyl is usually installed over.


Newer homes usually use plywood or oriented strand board for the sub-floor. Whereas older homes use particleboard for the sub-floor. When examining a Mobile home for purchase, it’s important to feel for soft spots, uneven spaces, and soggy areas. All those things indicate damage. You can also feel around the perimeter of a room by stepping down and seeing if the floor gives way to your step.


If you are interested in purchasing a Mobile home unit and find damage to the flooring, bring it to the Seller’s attention immediately. If you have already purchased a Mobile Home unit and notice damage, don’t fret! Repairs are easy to make. You can repair your floor by pulling up the sub-floor and reinforcing the wood trusses with another piece of wood and adding more installation filling.Then replace the sub-floor with new material.



Locate Floor Trusses
Reinforce Trusses
Replace Sub-Floor

Mobile Home in West Palm Beach | Tips for Purchasing a Mobile Home

If you are looking for a housing option that has less maintenance, while also being a more affordable option than a traditional home, a mobile home might be the solution you have been searching for! More and more buyers are choosing mobile homes over traditional homes. In fact, 20 million Americans live in mobile homes. If you are considering purchasing a mobile home in West Palm Beach, check out these tips!

Know Your Budget

When you first start searching for your mobile home, it’s easy to let excitement and a lengthy wish list dictate your budget. However, it’s important to know what is a realistic number you can spend on your new home. To avoid any potential financial setbacks, determine a clear and concise budget based on your salary and expenses.

know the Different Types of Mobile Homes to Choose from

There are two main types of mobile homes: a single-wide and a double wide. A single-wide generally tends to be a more narrow layout, rooms will be connected by back-to-back walls rather than hallways that separate them. In contrast, a double-wide has a wider layout and tend to look more like a traditional home.

Who is the best company to buy a Mobile Home in West Palm Beach ?

Are You Looking for a Mobile Home in West Palm Beach?

A reputable and trustworthy retailer is a crucial part of finding the right mobile home. If you are looking for a company who buys, repairs, and sells mobile homes, look no further than Mobile Home Way. Our experienced team is here for all of your mobile home needs. Contact us today for more information on our services!

Mobile Home in Boynton Beach | 3 Benefits of a Mobile Home

If you are considering moving into a mobile home, you might feel overwhelmed by the many mobile home sizes, designs, and materials to choose from. However, even though the purchasing of a mobile home may seem overwhelming, there are multiple benefits to being a mobile home owner. If you are searching for a mobile home in Boynton Beach, contact us today!

 Benefits the Environment

Not only will a mobile home save you money on utility costs, but they also help the environment. Research shows that mobile homes are constructed so that there is 90 percent less waste then there usually is at the construction site of a traditional home.

Mobile Homes Are Safe

It’s a common misconception that mobile homes don’t hold up in certain types of weather. However, mobile homes are engineered for wind safety based on the location they are sold in. For example, if you’re purchasing a mobile home in Florida, you can basically guarantee that it has been built to handle hurricane force winds.

Buying a Mobile Home Is Affordable

One of the main benefits of purchasing a mobile home is their affordability. The cost of a mobile home in comparison to a traditional home is a substantial difference in price. The monthly payment of your mobile home will probably be hundreds, in comparison to the thousands you would spend a month on a traditional house.

Who has the best Mobile Home in Boynton Beach ?


Looking for a Mobile home in Boynton Beach?

If you are looking for a company who buys, repairs, and sells mobile homes, look no further than Mobile Home Way. Our experienced team is here for all of your mobile home needs. Contact us today for more information on our services!